John Sherman's

Celtic Guitar Page


This site is a work in progress, and will eventually be configured for artist information and contact, e-commerce and free instructional tutorials in the art of finger style Celtic guitar arrangement and playing, including videos. 


For the moment, biographical information and recorded samples of my work can be obtained at my CDBaby Artist Page and recordings and downloads can be purchased through that site as well. The Calendar is active, and the DADGAD tutorial page is up, with audio samples to be added soon.


Videos of all the notated tutorial examples are now up and active (10/5/14)


I've transcribed over 150 tunes for fingerstyle guitar, most of them Celtic, and mostly in the DADGAD tuning. 55 of these have been collected in two self-published volumes, "So Inclined" and "Far Green Country", which take their names from my two CD releases.

These books can be downloaded as PDF files or ordered as spiral bound volumes from the self -publishing website .


Dateline 10/20/2013--  It's out! The new release from me and Randy Clepper!!!!

Years in the making, a cast of thousands (actually mostly us and a few friends) the recording features Randy on bouzouki & guitar, and me on guitar & banjo on a variety of mostly duo, mostly Irish tunes. Our CDBaby website  is now up with audio samples, options for hard copy purchase or download of individual selections (or the entire album), and links to our artist page. Check it out!


Thanks for your interest-- please check back regularly!

~~ John~~